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About the Spending Report

Take full command of your digital media expenditure with Fyr’s budget feature, providing you with complete oversight by automatically importing costs from your connected resources.

Maintaining fiscal discipline is made effortless as you gain access to real-time expenditure data, empowering you to stay on track. Set budgets according to your preferences, whether on a monthly basis or evenly distributed throughout the year.

The burndown rate feature keeps you informed about daily expenses, ensuring that your budget is prudently managed to last the entire month. With a quick glance, ascertain if your spending aligns with the budget, falls below, or exceeds expectations.

Fyr streamlines the process of monitoring media spend per channel, allowing you to effortlessly track marketing expenditures from all your connected ad platforms. This comprehensive view aids you in making informed decisions and optimizing your digital marketing strategies.

How do I get data in this report? #

Please follow our guide called Setting up a spending report, to get data in this report.

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