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What is Competitor Monitoring?

Competitor Monitoring offers you a valuable opportunity to gain an all-encompassing understanding of your competitors, enabling the discovery of fresh ideas and insights from industry leaders.

By leveraging this feature, you can meticulously assess your competitors’ follower growth, facilitating insightful comparisons that allow you to fine-tune your strategies accordingly.

Furthermore, the capability to access your competitors’ social media posts provides a clear overview of their promotional activities. By effectively categorizing these posts and analyzing diverse types of content, you can extract valuable insights to inform your decision-making processes and identify the key elements that trigger engagement. This strategic approach empowers you to enhance your own social media tactics for optimum impact.

Add competitors #

Add your competitors’ social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram, and list their alternative spellings to get even better insights from Share of Search.

SoMe Performance #

Analyse their posts by topic and engagement to find what works and what doesn’t.

Compare with your own posts #

See your social media performance next to those of your competitors. Requires that you’ve connected your own Facebook and Instagram as resources.

Share of search #

Measure your brand’s visibility in search compared to other companies in your industry.

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