Sharing a dashboard/report - Fyr Sharing a dashboard/report - Fyr

Sharing a dashboard/report

Once you’ve setup a custom dashboard, you can easily share this to other people by following the steps below.

1. Navigate to the dashboard or report you’d like to share. You’ll find these by clicking the “Reporting” link in the main menu.
2. From the list of dashboards/reports, you can click the “Share” button to share your report.
3. Another option, if you’re in “Edit”-mode, you can click the “Share”-button from that view.
4. Initially, you need to decide if you want your dashboard to be password protected when shared outside of Fyr. If you want that extra layer of security, you can add a password in the input field and click “Set password”. Please note that you need to share this password with the people you want to access the report.
If you don’t want to password protect your dashboard, you can simply click “Skip” (link next to the “Set password”-button).
5. Once you’ve finished the password step, a unique URL will be generated and you can use this for other people to access the dashboard. Copy the URL, and send this URL to the people you’d like to access the dashboard.

Please note: if you’ve sent the URL to someone that no longer should access the dashboard, you can simply click the “Generate new URL” from this same process. Please note that the existing link will stop working for anyone who uses it, and all receipients needs to receive a new link.

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