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How to setup tags

Using tags is a quick and effective approach to get the insight you’re looking for!
You can filter based on your tags – which gives you the opportunity to easily get detailed and specific insight deep into your data.
Tags can be used to tag up multiple elements throughout Fyr – for example search terms in the search term view, campaigns in the marketing performance view and so on, and once your data is tagged you can filter the views in Fyr, or setup a custom report or dashboard, using your tags.
In Fyr you’ll automatically have 2 system genereated tags; “Branded” and “Irrelevant” – but you can add up to 100 custom tags yourself!
The “Branded”-tag is used for all data that’s specifically connected directly to the brand name – e.g. search terms containing your brand name.
The “Irrelevant”-tag is used for all data that for some reason is irrelevant – e.g. search terms that’s not relevant for your website. Please note that search terms that are tagged with the “irrelevant” tag, can automatically be excluded from your search campaigns by enabling our automation for “Exclude irrelevant search terms”.

By following the steps below, you’ll be able to tag your data in no time:

1. To find all tags in your fyr organization account, navigate via the icon in the top rightof the main menu, to “settings”.
2. Click the link “Tags” in the submenu.
3. From here you can create new tags by clicking the “+ Create tag”, or edit existing ones by clicking “Edit”.
You can also create and add tags to elements from the various views where tags are available. We’re using the “Marketing Performance” view as an example below.
1. Mark the element you want to tag – used in this example the campaign named “ep-NO-gAds-shopping-nGRAM-low-tROAS”.
2. Click the “Tag” button.
3. From here you can tag the element with an existing tag, or create a new tag by clicking the link in the bottom left of the modal.
Quick tip! You can add a description to your tags, so it’s easier for everyone in your Fyr account to understand what the tag is about. You can also style the text color and the background color of your tag.

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