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Adding a domain

You need to add your website (a domain/URL) to initiate the automated process for generating recommendations to improve your website’s UX and SEO. The results will be available in the “Recommendation” and “Page Insight” views.

1. Navigate to your organization settings via the icon in the top right, and click “Settings”.
2. Click the “+ Add new domain”-button.
3. Add your domain to the input field. Please make sure to include your subdomain (in most cases www.).
4. Click the “Add domain” button.

You’ve now added your domain to Fyr, and we will start the automated process for generating recommendations.
Please note that you can add multiple domains to this list. If you do, you shuold be aware that the “Recommendation” and “Page Insight” views will contain data from multiple domains, and that you can use the filter on those views to get insights from only a specific domain.

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