The Key Differences Between Google Ads and DV360




First, what is DV360?

DV360 (powered by Google) is a powerful programmatic advertising platform that offers extensive audience targeting capabilities, surpassing traditional keyword targeting, like in Google Ads. It boasts a wide-reaching network, displaying ads across 80 ad exchange networks and covering over 90% of the internet. Welcome to the ultimate showdown: Google Ads vs. DV360! It’s the battle of the advertising titans, where traditional PPC meets the cutting-edge world of programmatic advertising. Let’s go!

Audience Targeting

DV360 provides advanced options for targeting ads to specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, and behavior. Unlike Google Ads, DV360 offers more control and flexibility to define audiences, as well as access to first-party and third-party data for better targeting accuracy.

Where Does Your Ad Show Up?

In Google Ads, ad placement primarily focuses on Google’s own network of websites, search results, and partner sites within the Google Display Network. While you have some control over where your ads appear, it’s limited to Google’s own ecosystem.  DV360 on the other hand, provides access to a broader range of ad inventory beyond just Google’s network. 

It allows advertisers to place ads, not only on Google’s platforms but also on premium spaces on other websites and across multiple ad exchanges. Additionally, DV360 offers more comprehensive control and transparency over ad placements, providing advertisers with greater flexibility and targeting options.

Ad Variety

In Google Ads, the variety of ad formats is somewhat limited compared to DV360. DV360, supports a wider array of ad formats, including audio, native, and digital-out-of-home ads. Additionally, DV360’s support for various ad formats enables advertisers to create more engaging and interactive ad experiences.


In DV360, the payment models are more diverse and include real-time bidding (RTB), programmatic guaranteed, and private marketplace deals. RTB involves bidding in real-time for ad impressions based on various targeting criteria, while programmatic guaranteed allows advertisers to secure ad inventory at fixed prices in advance. Overall, DV360 offers more flexibility and advanced options for how advertisers pay for ad placements compared to Google Ads.

Handling Big Campaigns

DV360 is like the superhero of ad management for big campaigns! It’s specifically designed to handle big campaigns effectively. It provides advanced tools and features for managing complex campaigns at scale, including bulk editing capabilities, automated bidding strategies, and detailed reporting functionalities.

In summary, while Google Ads remains a valuable platform for many advertisers, DV360 stands out as a comprehensive solution for those seeking advanced targeting capabilities, greater control over ad placements, and superior tools for managing large-scale campaigns. Ultimately, the choice between Google Ads and DV360 depends on your specific advertising goals and the level of sophistication you require in your campaigns. So, whether you’re a small business looking to expand your reach or a seasoned advertiser managing complex campaigns, consider DV360 as your partner in achieving advertising success in the digital age

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