Five key marketing trends that we might see more of in 2024




Have you explored these marketing trends yet?

In this article we’re diving into five key trends that we anticipate seeing more of in 2024. From interactive experiences to AI-powered marketing. Let’s go!

1. Interactive Experiences

With stricter data privacy rules and limited third-party cookies, many are increasingly adopting interactive content like quizzes and games to gather insights and engage users. It’s the perfect way to engage your audience and gather valuable data at the same time. 



2. AI-Powered Marketing

Artificial intelligence is transforming content creation and personalization, enhancing campaign efficiency and targeting through automated content and data-driven insights. Obviously, we find this very exciting, since we have our own AI-technology, Fyr! Fyr offers a solution we call Content Lab, which includes features such as content generation. Fyr enables you to automatically create articles and content for your website and social media, with the click of a button. It can also improve existing content, simply input the text you want to enhance, and let Fyr automatically fine-tune it for you. Fyr can also use AI to assist with website-related tasks, making it a breeze to manage your website. It can even handle specific SEO tasks.


3. Live Streaming 

The use of video content has increased rapidly, driven by people’s preference for videos over text and images. Live streaming has become increasingly important, offering brands a more authentic and engaging way to connect with their audience in real-time. This shift has led some brands to prioritize live interactions and conversations with their audience, fostering deeper connections and reaching a wider audience base on social media platforms.



4. Long-term over short-term

There’s a noticeable trend towards placing greater emphasis on cultivating long-term relationships rather than opting for short-lived collaborations. This strategic shift underscores a commitment to maintaining quality standards and ensuring a harmonious alignment with the values of influencers. By prioritizing these aspects, you can aim to establish deeper and more meaningful connections with your target audience, encouraging  genuine engagement and trust over time.



5. Customer-made content

Customer-made content, also called CMC or consumer-created content, is content created by customers and shared on social media or other platforms. When it comes to boosting your brand’s presence online, customer-made content is a powerful tool. CMC taps into your audience’s creativity, building authenticity and trust with potential customers. 

All of the trends offer exciting opportunities for you to connect with your audiences in innovative ways. However, the effectiveness will vary depending on factors such as your brand’s identity, audience demographics, and specific marketing objectives. Whether it’s through interactive experiences, AI-powered solutions, live streaming, long-term influencer partnerships, or customer-made content. 

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