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The All-In-One

marketing platform

Take the guesswork out of sales & marketing and create the perfect balance between human and artificial intelligence.

We call it Automagic Marketing 

powered by data, driven by science

Combine AI with IQ and make your marketing team Automagic!

The Fyr technology has helped increase the profitability of many of the world’s leading brands.

Automated dashboards

All of your data in one place

Fyr automatically gives you a full overview of your entire website and marketing channels. Resource-heavy reports are replaced by real-time insight.
Automated data analysis

Turn your data into action

Fyr’s algorithm evaluates your data and gives you an itemized list of things that can be improved within SEO, paid advertising and social media.

Learn from the best

What makes you competitors succeed?

Gain inspiration and learn from your competitors. Fyr gives you instant market analysis and detailed competitor insight.

AI-powered content generation

Create content in one click!

Take OpenAI and ChatGPT to the next level by using our Content Lab to explore, optimise and create new content for all your digital platforms.

putting data to work

Turn your business data into
insights and profit!

Connect all your marketing channels and let technology do the heavy lifting.


Find the perfect marketing mix and invest in the right channels.

Content Marketing

Generate marketing and website content using Artificial Intelligence.

AI powered SEO

Using Google’s own algorithms, Fyr is able to automate most SEO tasks.

Competitor Monitoring

Get a full overview of your competitor’s digital surfaces

Website Performance

Make sure that the website is designed and optimised to deliver the best performance.

Goals & Budget planning

Set goals and get full insight into your progress. Ensure optimal budget allocation in all your channels

plug and play

It’s quick and easy to get started

The only thing you have to do is add your resources. Fyr automatically connects to all relevant APIs and is operational within 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have further questions or require assistance? Please contact

We believe that the price of light is always less than the cost of darkness. Hence we strive to find a payment model that works for all our clients, big or small.

Very little, actually. The Fyr technology connects to your existing systems and only requires data access to get started. Normally we can get a new client up running within 30 minutes.

Marketing automation and AI is developing fast. That’s why we release two new versions of Fyr every week! We’re always implementing new functions to make your workday easier.

The Service Level Agreement is dependent of the different license agreements. We offer everything from low cost user support only, to fully integrated campaign builds and team training.


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