Marketing Automation Tools

Automated recommendations

Uncover issues, discover opportunities and find solutions for all your marketing channels. Fyr’s algorithm processes all your data to create magic.

We call it Automagic marketing.

automatiserte markedsføring anbefalinger
Automated recommendations

Priority-ranked to-do list

Get an automated list of actions you can take to improve your SEO, social media and paid advertising. Get better results with Fyr!

AI & automation

Actionable recommendations to improve your performance

As well as identifying issues, Fyr finds solutions on how to fix them. Take advantage of AI and automation in your marketing to increase your efficiency.

Avoid human error

A safety net for your advertising

Fyr’s functionalities ensure that your marketing budget is optimized for maximum ROI. You’ll never have to worry about spending money on ads linking to broken landing pages again.

powered by data, driven by science

Combine AI with IQ to make your marketing team Automagic!

The Fyr-technology has helped many of the world’s leading business to increase their revenue.

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