Marketing Reports & Dashboards

Automated reports and dashboards

Get overview of your marketing with automated reports and unlock your teams’ full potential!

We call it Automagic marketing!

Improve your marketing

All your data in one place

Save valuable time with automated dashboards and reports! Insight from all your digital surfaces in once platform
Find the optimal marketing mix and discover the search terms that bring traffic to your website.
Automated website analysis

Turn data into actionable recommendations

Gain defining insight into your target audience’s behaviour and make informed decisions on what actions to take to improve your website.

Fyr gives you an itemized list of recommendations to improve your search engine visibility. Automagically analyze the market and make the most of your marketing resources.

Sales data and e-commerce

Comprehensive sales overview

Realize the full potential of your sales data! Discover where your customers come from, when they shop and which products generate the most profit. Use this data to create informed sales-strategies.

Powered by data

Make all your data Automagic with Fyr

Compare the performance of your marketing channels and make
data-backed decisions.

Market insights

Find the optimal marketing mix and invest in the right channels to best reach your goals.

Cost overview

Full overview of your digital marketing costs. Fyr automatically imports cost from all connected channels so you can get a comprehensive overview of your ad spend.

Keyword analysis

Avoid the hassle of logging into multiple platforms to gain valuable insight. Combine insight from your paid and organic channels to discover important keywords and optimize accordingly.

Social media

Merge data from your social media channels in one place and uncover valuable insights and statistics. Identify your best performing posts across channels and discover what content best resonates with your audience.

Website analysis

Gain detailed statistics and insight into your websites' user behaviour. Easily analyze your traffic, conversions and SEO.

Website improvements

Identify ways to improve your website's user experience. Analyze specific websites, or use all your pages as a baseline to evaluate your entire domain.

E-commerce reporting

Where do your customers come from, when do they shop and what products generate the most profit? This is just some of the insight you gain with Fyr.

Key metrics and goals

Monitor and get automated updates on how close you are to achieving your business goals. Find out which actions you should prioritize to improve your marketing activities.

Page analysis tool

Gain access to a comprehensive report about your website, including recommendations on how you can improve it, which keywords you should focus on and much more. Use this data to reach your goals.

powered by data, driven by science

Combine AI with IQ to make your marketing team Automagic!

The Fyr-technology has helped many of the world’s leading business to increase their revenue.

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