Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis

Get comprehensive, real-time insight into the market and competitors. Benchmark your performance against competitors, gain inspiration and observe patterns to create a successful strategy based on market insight.

We call it Automagic marketing!

Posts, followers and benchmarks

Inspiration to boost
your creativity!

Get a comprehensive overview of your competitors’ social media campaigns. Observe their follower growth, make comparisons and use your observations to improve your own marketing strategies.

Share of search

Identify your market share

Identify your market share compared to your competitors’ over time. Use this insight to drive your own growth strategy.

Get instant insight

What’s the secret to your competitor’s success?

Easily categorize and analyze your competitors’ content. Find out which content is the most engaging and use this knowledge to make informed decisions about your own marketing.

powered by data, driven by science

Combine AI with IQ to make your marketing team Automagic!

The Fyr-technology has helped many of the world’s leading business to increase their revenue.

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