Share of search

Share of Search

Measure your brand’s visibility in search compared to other companies in your industry.

discover changes early

Stay ahead of trends

Track share of search over time to spot shifts in consumer behavior, emerging trends, and keyword popularity changes. Align your marketing efforts with evolving customer preferences.
insight on keyword level

Outsmart the competition

Analyze share of search for specific keywords to gain insights into your competitors’ performance. Make informed decisions to adjust your marketing strategies and stay ahead.
Fine-tune your strategies

Measure performance impact & optimize strategies​

Utilize share of search data to evaluate marketing effectiveness, fine-tune SEO strategies, target keywords effectively, and maximize brand visibility. Measure impact on brand and search engine performance, while allocating resources wisely

powered by data, driven by science

Combine AI with IQ to give your marketing team superpowers!

The Fyr technology powers the AI strategy for some of the worlds leading sales & marketing organizations.

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