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Since its beginning, Fyr has helped businesses get more out of every cent they spend on marketing.

We started by using technology to solve business problems such as marketing insurance products, pushing mobile subscriptions, or selling footwear through performance marketing. Today, Fyr is known for being the pioneer among pioneers. We use technology, algorithms, and artificial intelligence in a way that makes it easier to see how and why digital marketing works and identify areas for improvement.

Now, we are taking it a step further. We believe the complexity of digital marketing that businesses experience is unecessary. More money than ever is spent on digital marketing without knowing if it actually works. Traditional marketing technology does not improve the marketing industry. On the contrary, it makes it more difficult to understand what actions lead to which results.

We’re here to change that. Our ambition is to become the global leader in data-driven marketing decisions and help our clients gain a competitive advantage.

We use our own technology – developed in Scandinavia – to analyze data, automate digital marketing, and apply artificial intelligence to improve content to make it sell better. And by presenting the results in an easy-to-understand dashboard, we reduce the gap between humans and technology. As a result, everyone who spends money on marketing can focus on being creative, selling more, and running their business as effectively as possible.

It’s almost magic. Automagic marketing decisions!

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